A novel concept

With daring and precision, in a spirit of conquest and innovation, ToohaDesign is revolutionizing the decor of your toilets and bathrooms by imagining "new generation" toilet seats.

Breaking away from conventions, TohaaDesign initiates cutting-edge collaborations with renowned street artists, to personalize this intimate zone with a touch of excellence. With strict specifications; the manufacturing and printing processes are essential so as not to distort the art, and remain absolutely faithful to the original canvas. After months of research, testing and fine-tuning, the project is successful, meeting high standards of quality and durability: high-end materials, stainless steel hinges and lacquer finish ensuring extreme protection and shine, not to mention the signature of the artist printed directly in superimposition on the lid. A collection of models signed by the greatest international street artists that will transform your vision of this somewhat taboo place in your home.

History and founder

A burst of art and oxygen in the form of toilet seats, TohaaDesign is a French brand created by Julien Benguigui, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for aesthetics. Quick to join him in this adventure was Gilles Bonan, former CEO of Roche Bobois, design expert and strategy consultant.

Together, they initiate collections with the biggest names in street art. The idea is daring: to transform a purely utilitarian object into a truly desirable object. With drastic specifications: original creations, draconian quality control and the strict use of high quality materials. The two men behind this vision are curious and intuitive and know how to capture the current trends, which is a real strength for this company. Result? TohaaDesign has become a label, a full-fledged player in the world of home styling and interior design.

Located in Paris, TohaaDesign continues to diversify its offerings while remaining faithful to its mission, by glamorizing another poor relation of design, the shower curtain... A premium and offset brand, accessible internationally via its website and which is now intensifying its presence throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

In Australia and New Zealand, we have a distribution partnership with Brisbane based company, PARIGO PTY LTD. Our Australian warehouse is ready to ship anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific with Australia Post.

Behind the scenes

The manufacturing and printing technique is crucial, so as not to distort the artistic works and to be absolutely faithful to the original canvas. A real challenge! After several months of research, testing and fine-tuning, the project came to fruition and finally saw the light of day.

We select our industrial partners and the materials used with the greatest care in order to offer you a range of products of the finest quality possible. Nothing is left to chance ! At TohaaDesign, we don't compromise on design and quality. All the works of the artists with whom we collaborate are protected by the Berne Convention. Copyrights reserved exclusively to TohaaDesign.